Looking for the Double Meaning


Christmas: Is yours a pressure packed holiday?

                    The best of times, the worst of times, a mixture of both?

                    Pagan and not to be celebrated at all?

                    Too commercial?

 HELP can be on the way to you!

Click here to listen to Russell explain how to use possible double meanings in "Making the Most of Christmas". Using "the spiritual switch" you'll find how to celebrate Christmas by turning worldly symbols into spiritual experiences, especially for your children. Click here to listen to Russell's fictional story
about Grandpa Bill and his drug store.Though a
fictional story, Grandpa Billy stands as a beacon to all who would like to find their way to celebrating a truly meaningful Christmas.

Click here to listen to Russell's fictional story. This is NOT your usual Christmas story.
No snow, no sleigh bells, no Santa Claus. There is a war on. Although the characters portrayed are indeed fictional, the message they embraced from one of their own number is timeless and 100% true.



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May your Christmas reflect a similar experience this year!