Finding Hope!

Introducing our new on-line Bible Study.
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From time to time we will offer you a topical grouping of lessons by Russell Kelfer
accompanied by “for further thought”/discussion questions and often, his poems and prayers,.
We expect this series on Hope will run each week for five weeks.

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Week 5: David, Whiter Than Snow (#957-B)

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Discussion Questions


1)   What was unusual in the way David reacted to the death of his child?

2)   How are the consequences of sin different from forgiveness of the sinner?

3)   How is God’s immediate forgiveness of David’s sin, the penalty for which was death, a picture of grace?

4)   Is it sometimes difficult to accept that, as repentant sinners, we can be “whiter than snow”?

5)   What was David’s commitment once the joy of salvation had been restored to him? (Psalm 51:13)