What’s Going On Here?




Our little experiment is offering you a chance to study
a Russell Kelfer lesson here on line.

Today you are invited to meet another little known Bible hero named Phinehas.
He showed up in Israel at a time when the Word of God was being violated
and the heart of God broken. Sound familiar? Any resemblance to our
culture today?
God’s honor was at stake.

Many people out there have never heard of Russell Kelfer.

Others wish that they had been able to study with him in person.


Because he taught practically.

Because he made clear applications from Scripture
to timeless situations like those you face yourself.

Because he was not a preacher or a pastor.
He was just a tire dealer.

Because he had a strong and vital relationship
with Jesus Christ without denominational ties.

Some people are trying out this home page lesson for themselves personally or are using it with a group of family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. You can listen any time convenient to you, and we provide discussion questions right here on this page. Or you can order a CD and/or a lesson in print – FREE OF CHARGE. If you can donate toward the cost, we’re grateful because we are one of those tax deductible 501(c)(3) things that operate totally by contributions that at are never connected to items we send out.

Discussion Questions are right here on the Home Page.

One thing you need to understand:  Russell called this series Little Known Legends. That’s what you will hear him say.  However, because in some parts of this world the word Legends is looked upon as meaning fictional characters, we want to assure you that the people were real, not myths or characters in a fictional story. No.

Lesson #4: 1248-A  

 Phinehas: (say Fin-ee-us)
Defender of God’s Reputation
(Never take Gods Word lightly)

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Discussion Questions:

1) How would Balaam rationalize giving ungodly advice, even though he wouldn’t curse God’s people?

2) How does sexual immorality lead to idolatry?

3) How close can you get to the enemy and not be affected adversely?  What excuses are given for doing so?

4) Why was God impressed with Phinehas’ action?

5) Why is it dangerous to date an unbeliever?